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Who’s The Right Real Estate Agent For Me?

Who’s The Right Real Estate Agent For Me?

The role a real estate agent plays in the purchase and sale of a home property cannot be over emphasized. Though, most times when you seek the services of a real estate agent on the sale of your property, the amount of work put in by the agent or broker is not much grasped. A real estate agent is charged with the responsibility of finding a buyer to purchase an already marked property for sale; he is the intermediary between the seller and the buyer and his relationship between the seller and buyer has a tremendous effect on the outcome of a real estate deal.

It is always advisable for you to do a little bit of research and survey before seeking the services of a real estate agent to avoid protracted contentious issues on how much your home should be listed on the market. Keep in mind that if an agent feels your asking price is too much compared to the nature of your property and past sales, this could severely hinder the agents ability to sell the property. Therefore, it pertinent that you and the agents are on the same page as it regards to the listing price and the realities in the marketplace.


  • Compare the sales of homes similar in shape, space, and square footage to that of your property marked for sale.

  • Make the home appealing in appearance: According to Chantey Bridges, a Senior Real Estate Specialist with Clear Choice Realty and Associate; “sellers don’t get it, you should clean and tidy the house like you have invited a relation over for dinner, because a real estate agent will be able to make a better price listing for a home that is smart and clean than a damp house, first impressions matters.”

  • Know your mortgage status: It is pertinent you have a clear knowledge of your mortgage; a perfect chart of how much you might have paid and still owes; this will enable the real estate agent to know what strategy to employ in the selling of your property.

  • Schedule: During the listing times, it is advisable sellers make some little adjustment to their schedule so that it will allow the agent an ample time to show the property to prospective buyers.

The relationship between an agent and a seller can be referred to as fiduciary relationship which invariably means that the agent has the onus of representing your interest, and must do anything legally right to get you a fair deal. If an agent is found culpable of any shady dealings that are targeted at misleading its clients, the law gives you legal backings to sue him. Property selling is an enormous and serious business. Thus the seller must be very prudent in choosing an agent that will represent your interest in the market. It goes beyond the good looks of an agent, and more data from the National Association of Realtors, so it is always advisable to ask more questions about the realtor until you are satisfied to commit the sale of your home to the agent.


The understanding between the seller and the agent plays a pivotal part on how quick a deal can be struck. If the agent understands the reason for the client wanting to sell his/her property, that means he is equipped with enough information on how to market the property. The agent is aware of the most marketable features of the home; he is abreast with the least amount his client is willing to accept for his/her property. Therefore, a quick deal will be done with an available buyer.

Effect of a good relationship between agents and clients

  • Better negotiations: A good relationship between Realtors and clients who are selling their property allows the agent to be able to source for a selling price that will meet the expectations of his clients, because he is aware of the motives for the sale of the home.

  • It will allow the agent and client to be open to professional communications. Therefore, every deal has its smidgen of hurdles, but with a healthy relationship, you both will be able to deal with issues as they come.

  • Rapid sales: A genuine understanding between the both entails quick selling of the property without the issue of trust coming to the Fore.

Finally, the relationship between an agent and his clients (seller or buyer) can either help or destroy business transactions. It is always advisable to maintain a healthy working relationship with your realtor and also avoid dual agents; that is an agent who is representing you and also the buyer no matter how profoundly he claims to uphold work ethics, there is always the issue of conflict of interest.



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